Kelsey Montanez

In the midst of Rock and Roll's ever-shifting tides, Kelsey Montanez’s voice surges like a lightning bolt, a thrilling new voice that crackles with raw energy and enigmatic allure. Just as classic rock vocalists like Robert Plant and Freddie Mercury were known for their versatility, Montanez's vocal range is a force to be reckoned with. According to The Chicago Music Guide,  “Montanez has a voice that can match the beloved Amy Winehouse, causing the hair on the back of your neck to stand up." Her path to music took root in her teen years when her original song won the high school talent contest. Shortly after, Montanez signed her first record contract. This pivotal moment opened doors to unique networking opportunities, leading to a collaboration with none other than the renowned artist, Chance The Rapper, and the creation of the memorable music video for the song "Out Of Sight." Montanez's foray into the music industry saw her achieve a degree of success at an early age, but her music journey took an intriguing turn when she made the conscious decision to step away from the spotlight after grappling with the harsh realities of the music business. This hiatus from the spotlight was not a period of inactivity; rather, it was a time of deep introspection where she immersed herself in life's experiences, allowing them to inform her artistic vision, appreciating these experiences as pieces of a puzzle that would form her upcoming album. A turning point occurred when she was approached by music engineer, Bill Karambelas. Recognising her exceptional talent and the potential for creating something remarkable together, Karambelas extended an opportunity for Montanez to collaborate on the creation of a full-fledged album, successfully blending Montanez's vocal prowess and songwriting with Bill's technical acumen. Montanez decided to unveil the album one song at a time, starting with the breakout pop single "Everything is Fine" which captured the essence of her artistry with its pop-infused melodies and relatable lyrics. What made her release strategy more intriguing was the diversity of genres that each subsequent song embodied. "Let Me Love You" immerses listeners in a soulful and seductive soundscape. In stark contrast, "I Sold My Soul" unleashes Montanez's inner rock rebel, delivering an angsty, hard-hitting rock anthem. "Right Time to Win" takes yet another captivating turn, as Montanez leads us through a triumphant bluegrass excursion. Meanwhile, her song "Mr. Crybaby" earned high praise from Illustrate magazine, hailed as a gem in the realm of pop music. 



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